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"Working with MIDI"
for Church Musicians

by Robert C. Van Howten


The following conversation was overheard at a recent MIDI demonstration.



"Working with MYDI?..."

Nope. Say "Middy."


"Working with MIDI for..."

"Working with MIDI for... Musicians?"

Nope. Keep trying...

"Working with MIDI for Church?!...?"

Nope; but you're getting closer.

"Working with MIDI for..."

Come on... You can do it!

"Working with MIDI for Church Mu..."

You're getting closer, try it just one more time!

"Working with MIDI for Church Musicians?!

See... I knew you could...


"Will this put me out of a job?"


"What will it do for me?"

Enhance your abilities as a musician.


By introducing you to new tools, methods, techniques, and ideas for using this technology...


... that you can use to supplement and enhance your music program.

"You said 'supplement and enhance'.., but what about REPLACE!?"

Are YOU serious?

"Well... look at what they did over at St. Miscellaneous Parish and Good Book Bible Church."

Wud they do?

"They dumped the music program.., that's what.., they dumped it for all this... this JUNK!"

Do you already have a good music program at your church?

"Of course we do!"

Did St. Miscellaneous and Good Book Bible have good programs to begin with?

"Well... well, not really..."

Did anyone really make a case and generate the support needed to keep and build their music program.

"Well... well, not really..."

A famous choral conductor once said that one of your most important goals as a director is to develop a program which is so good, and offers so much to your church, that the last thing the congregation would want to do is dump it.


So here's your chance to become familiar with things which have been taken for granted for years by people who work in professional music... People who survive and thrive on change are the ones who quietly go about their business learning new things so that they can eventually use what they learned--when they need or want to.


* - The above text is excerpted with permission from the Introduction of the book "Working with MIDI for Church Musicians." It is used here for promotional purposes only and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of Laurendale Associates.

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