The Heavens Are Full (collection)

Available from Morning Star Music Publishing at or 800-647-2117
(Suite for a cappella Chorus) The Suite consists of five pieces: I. The Sun, II. The Moon, III. The Stars, IV. The Rainbow, V. The Wonders of Nature. All five pieces should be considered difficult, some more so than others. A challenge well worth the effort. Texts are from Ecclesiasticus 43: 1-37, found in the Jerusalem Bible.

Series: Contemporary Choral Music
Category: Sacred Choral
Season/Occasion: General
Voicing: Full Chorus of Mixed Voices, a cappella
Composer: Jergenson, Dale
Publisher: Laurendale Associates
Level: Difficult
Duration: Various

Pieces available from The Heavens Are Full (collection)

Catalog # Title
CH-1301 The Sun
CH-1302 The Moon
CH-1303 The Stars
CH-1304 The Rainbow
CH-1305 The Wonders of Nature

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