Trichromat (collection)

Available from Morning Star Music Publishing at or 800-647-2117
(Vocal Jazz Suite) Commissioned for the Gregg Smith Singers 40th Anniversary. A three movement Vocal Jazz Suite that was inspired by many composers and arrangers of many dispirit styles of music - from the Baroque period through the most sophisticated, modern jazz era. Suite contains: 1. Red Hot!, 2. Green Peace, 3. Blue Ice.

Series: Contemporary Vocal Jazz
Category: Secular Choral
Season/Occasion: General
Voicing: Full
Composer: Jergenson, Dale
Publisher: Laurendale Associates
Duration: Various

Pieces available from Trichromat (collection)

Catalog # Title
CH-1251 Red Hot!
CH-1252 Green Peace
CH-1253 Blue Ice

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