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Laurendale Associates carries a wide variety of titles.

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Search Instructions

Searches are performed on a partial matching basis, that is you do not need to enter the full name to perform a search. Also do not enter wildcard characters (e.g., "*") or quotation marks as they are "assumed" to be present before and after what you type.

For example: The word "Night" (without the quotation marks) entered in the Title Search field will return a list of ALL titles in our catalog containing the word "Night" anywhere in the title, such as "Silent Night," "O Holy Night," "Autumn Night Song" or even "Midnight Blue" (if it were in our catalog) as the word "night" is contained within the word "Midnight."

Capitalization doesn't matter, spelling does, but you need only know part of what you want to find it. For example: "han" in the Season or Occasion field will produce listings for both Hanukah and Chanukah (and Thanksgiving too, actually) as all contain "han."

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