Hayom tíamtzenu

by Joseph Leonard

edited by Joel Pressman

SATB, cantor

Laurendale Associates


Review from The Choral Journal, October, 1998

Joel Pressman has edited this march-like, yet plaintive selection from the Jewish liturgy for the High Holy Days (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur). In its Hebrew text, the prayer asks for Godís blessings and that He inscribe us in the Book of Life for the coming Year. The chorus introduces the melody in the first of two verses, joined by the cantorís entrance in the latter part of this short work. The harmonic underpinning emphasizes constant eighth-note movement, giving a sense of energy to a fairly straightforward tune in AB form. A piano reduction is provided, as is a pronunciation guide. The absence of an English text tends to limit its usage to the synagogue and special concert occasions, yet it is an effective setting within the reach of most choirs.

Review by Michael Braz