Hashkiveinu No. 2
by David Nowakowsky
edited by Noreen Green
SATB, optional Baritone solo
Laurendale Associates


Review from The Choral Journal, February 1997

David Nowakowsky (1848-1921) was choirmaster and composer at the Brody Synagogue in Odessa, Ukraine, for more than fifty years. Following the Communist Revolution and World War II, his music was lost for nearly two generations. This beautiful setting from the Sabbath Evening Service will be very accessible to most choirs. The primary difficulty will be learning and mastering the Hebrew pronunciation. Individual vocal parts are not difficult, and all ranges are comfortable. The influence of the Russian choral style in Nowakowsky's music is seen in the bass solo part, which carries the melody almost exclusively. The editor suggest that the bass part may be sung by a baritone soloist.

Editor Noreen Green has translated the original Ashkenazaic text employed during Nowakowsky's lifetime into modern Hebrew. While no singing translation is provided, the introductory notes provide an English translation that reads in part, "Help us, O Lord, our God, to lie down in peace; and awaken us to life again, our King." While the "Pronunciation Tips" are helpful, the integrity of the edition would have been enhanced by including an International Phonetic Alphabet transcription.

Review by Wyant Morton