Ack, Värmeland

Arr. by Dale Jergenson

SATB, S/T solo, piano, optional guitar and tambourine

Laurendale Associates


Review from The Choral Journal, February, 1996

This Swedish folk song describing the beauties of the province of Vermeland features a soaring, captivating melody reminiscent of Smetana’s "Moldau" from Ma Vlast. Set in E minor, the melody utilizes the raised seventh as it ascends and the lowered seventh as it descends. A continuous flow is produced by the constant eighth notes in the right hand of the accompaniment against dotted rhythms in the left. Although at first glance the accompaniment might seem monotonous, it is quite engrossing in its creative use of arpeggiation, scalework, and octaves. A good accompanist is required.

Repetitive material makes this arrangement easy to learn, yet slight variations keep it interesting. Prefatory notes include an excellent English translation of the old Swedish text (side-by-side) and a pronunciation guide. There is no singing translation. This folk song is appropriate in a variety of settings and would be accessible to most high school chourses.

Review by D. Brent Ballweg