Contemporary Choral Music
by Dale Jergenson
SATB double chorus, a cappella
Laurendale Associates


Program notes from the Los Angeles Chamber Singers, Peter Rutenberg, Music Director, Concert on November 12, 1994.

The Gloria for double chorus was composed in 1968 by Dale Jergenson and, according to the composer, "...utilizes many of the traditional writing techniques associated with this form of music. At times, the two choruses sing together as one, and at other times they independently engage in call and response, and counterpoint to each other. The text is the Latin Gloria in its entirety from the Roman Catholic Mass. This traditional text has been a source of inspiration to composers for centuries and while Latin is not universally used in the celebration of the mass as it once was, it remains a readily agreeable language for singers, due primarily to the open vowel sounds. Previous performances of Gloria include the Roger Wagner Chorale on tour and the Los Angeles Master Chorale in a version with full symphony orchestra. This performance is in the original a cappella version."