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Ordering Music has never been easier, thanks to Laurendale Associates new Online Ordering System. While the following OFF-line demonstration does not allow you to actually place an order, it will let you experience for yourself just how quickly and easily our online customers can make purchases.

Sample Order Demonstration:

From our online catalog you find a title that interests you, in this example the classic hymn Silent Night.

You click the title and view details about the piece, hear samples of the music, read reviews, program notes and view actual pages of music online. At the bottom of the page is the list of available components for Silent Night, like this:


Components Available for Silent Night

Purchase? Qty Catalog # Format Price
CB-1002A Octavo $1.85
CB-1002B Separate Handbell Part $2.95
CB-1002C String Orchestra Score $3.50
CB-1002P String Orchestra Parts (1 each) $7.50
CB-1002S String Orchestra Parts (44222) $21.00

Making a purchase is as simple as clicking the check box beside the components you want, and typing in the number of copies in the "Quantity" box.

Once you've made your selections you add them to a purchase list by clicking on the "Add to Purchase List" button.

Click here now to see a sample of our "shopping cart."

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