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MIDI Goes To Church

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Table of Contents

Introduction - click to read 7
Chapter One: Some Common Ground 11
* What is MIDI? 11
* MIDI channels and their purpose 12
* MIDI modes 16
* What to look for in MIDI equipment 16
* Midi Keyboards and Sequencers 17
* MIDI systems on church organs 23
Chapter Two: MIDI In The Church: 27
* What can be done and how to do it 27
* Integrating MIDI into worship 27
* The organ and MIDI 40
* MIDI Organ registration notation 44
* The choir and MIDI 47
* MIDI and contemporary Christian music 48
* Education through MIDI 50
* MIDI and the computer 51
* A word on copyright laws and ethics 52
Chapter Three: Specifics on Sequencing 55
Chapter Four: Physical Set-Up 61
* MIDI plugs, ports and cables 61
* Various MIDI equipment configurations 63
* Wireless MIDI 65
* Audio concerns 65
Some Closing Thoughts 67
Glossary 69
Appendix A: Step by step Sequencing 71
* Roland PR-100 & Rodgers C-100 Classic Keyboard  
Appendix B: MIDI performance outline: 73
* Overture to J. S. Bach's Cantata #142  

About The Author

David Lee Heinzman is one of America's most accomplished young organists and composers. He has made several recordings for organ companies, has written several published compositions and is constantly in demand for recitals, church organ dedications and workshops. He recently appeared as organ soloist with the Detroit Renaissance Chamber Orchestra in Detroit's prestigious Orchestra Hall. David is also listed in the 1987 Outstanding Young Men of America Yearbook for his numerous civic and church organ performances given throughout the country.

David earned both the Bachelor and Masters Degrees in organ performance, with distinction, from the University of Michigan and is currently completing the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in composition at the University of Southern California. He has studied organ with Steven Egler, Robert Glasgow and Cherry Rhodes. He studied composition with William Albright and James F. Hopkins.

A church musician since the age of fourteen, David has served churches of various denominations in Michigan and was for five years on the music staff at the First Baptist Church of Van Nuys, California. Currently David is Director of Music at the First Christian Church of Pasadena, California.

David has won several keyboard competitions and was a finalist in the 1988 Arthur Poister Organ Playing Competition in Syracuse, New York. He was also first place winner in the 1990 organ playing competition sponsored by the Long Beach Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

In addition to his busy scholastic, church and concert activities, David is Vice-President for one of the world's largest consulting and distributing firms of institutional organs in the Los Angeles area, and serves as Membership Chairperson for the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

Most recently, David has turned his creative abilities toward the world of MIDI, specializing in integrating MIDI into worship. His "hands-on" MIDI workshops offer an extraordinary opportunity for both the novice and veteran church musician to discover the many possibilities of MIDI.

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