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This "Alleluia uses only the one word without the customary accompanying sentence referring to a specific occasion or vers. Musically it begins with a rapid, rich sounding 16th note repeated figure in the organ, soon joined by the brass choir and men's voices. The organ figure becomes slower and softer leading to a tempo half as fast as the beginning. Both the voices and brass assume a quiet, meditative quality accompanied by solo stops on the organ. This expands to a fervent forte with a subsequent diminuendo, suddenly becoming the same tempo as at the beginning, with a jazzy 7/8 figure in the brass. The voices take over for a brief time leading to a Gregorian Chant-like section for the voices accompanied by simple chordal figures in the organ. We return briefly to a slow, meditative quality in the brass and voices with a solo flute stop in the organ, finally returning to the beginning tempo with the same opening 16th note figures in the organ. The voices and brass, meanwhile, recap the jazzy 7/8 figure, building to a grand finale.

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Series: St. Cyril's Music Series
Category: Secular Male Choral
Season/Occasion: Easter or any Festive occasion
Voicing: Male Chorus, Brass Quintet, Organ
Composer: Jergenson, Dale
Publisher: Laurendale Associates
Duration: c. 6:00
Instrumentation: 2 trumpets, French Horn, Trombone, B. Trobmone or Tuba, Organ

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