Concert Rounds on Old Sayings

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These 16 Concert Rounds are a perfect addition to the concert repertoire of advanced children's choirs, middle and high school choirs, college choirs and adult community choirs. In true Gregg Smith fashion, they are filled with sharp dynamic contgrasts, hormonic layering and rhythmic srprises ringing through tongue-in-cheek settings of old sayings. Performance suggestions are included for each round. Contents: 1. Birds of a Feather, 2. Don't Counmt Your Chickens, 3. Big Oaks!, 4. It's All Water, 5. The Oak and the Ash, 6. A Rolling Stone, 7. If You Can't Say Anything Nice, 8. A Penny Saved, 9. The Grass is Greener, 10. A Bird in the Hand, 11. Too Many Cooks, 12. It's Six of One, 13. Give 'em and Inch, 14. If At first, 15. Two's Company, and 16. Every Dog.

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Series: Linda Ferrieria Choral Series
Category: Children's Chorus
Season/Occasion: General
Voicing: Various
Composer: Smith, Gregg
Editor: Ferrieria, Linda
Publisher: Laurendale Associates
Duration: Various - 16 different rounds

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