Purchase List Demonstration

In this example the customer is preparing for a Christmas performance and has selected three items from the previous Silent Night page and added them to a purchase list which already includes two other Christmas selections which they made previously, NoŽl and The Little Drummer Boy.

("Change" and "Remove" buttons are non-functional on this demo page.)

Laurendale Associates
Items Currently on your list to be Purchased
Item: Description: Quantity: Each: Total:
Silent Night - Octavo

$ 1.85$ 37.00
Silent Night - String Orchestra Score

$ 3.50$ 28.00
Silent Night - String Orchestra Parts (44222)

$ 21.00$420.00
NoŽl - Sheet Music

$ 1.95$ 1.95
The Little Drummer Boy - Sheet Music

$ 2.25$ 45.00
Sub Total: $531.95 *

Sales tax: (8.25% - $ 43.89)
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resident of California.

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* Plus shipping and handling.
* Plus state sales tax if applicable. (No state sales tax for orders shipped outside of California.)
* Plus COD charges if shipping COD.

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About This Purchase List Demo

In an actual purchase list all amounts are dynamically calculated (as you make your changes the totals are adjusted) and the final purchase amount, including tax and shipping charges, is updated and displayed automatically in most browsers.

Clicking on the Change button recalculates the current amounts based on any changes you've made in the quantity box.

Clicking on the Remove button takes the slected item out off of your purchase list entirely.

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